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About Us

Founded in 2005, a B2B and B2C solution supplier of goods for facility construction, maintenance, repair, and maintenance. At Shabbir Mohamed Ali & Sons, we believe in providing an end-to-end solution rather than merely "selling" a product. We take a comprehensive strategy. We collaborate with you from assessing client needs through on-site implementation, guaranteeing that you "get the job done."


We are ideally positioned to satisfy your industrial supply requirements across the UAE and beyond since we are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and have dedicated sales personnel, stock, a fleet of delivery trucks, and an established supply chain.


We have a diverse portfolio of high-quality, innovative brands that reflect the finest in each of our product categories. The majority of these brands have a long history of invention, some of which has lasted for many years. These brands are market leaders in their respective product categories, and they work relentlessly to assist our consumers.


Every day, businesses and institutions rely on us for tools, abrasives, material handling, safety, and other equipment. The variety and availability of the product line separates Shabbir Mohamed Ali & Sons from other industrial vendors. We offer over 1,000 goods in nine different product categories in order to supply consumers with products as quickly as possible.


Consolidation is where we get our strength. Because of our extensive product line and extensive network, we are able to satisfy all of our customers' needs. We source and distribute items that are not in our product range based on the needs of the customer. As a result, we have earned a reputation as a preferred vendor, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core competencies.

Our Team

Our company is supported by a devoted team of experienced workers and attentive people who are highly adept at providing high-quality goods while also meeting the particular needs of clients. Our staff stays up to date on all developments and contemporary procedures that come into play from time to time.


Because they are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields, the team boasts great knowledge, allowing production and delivery of quality tools within specified time periods. Regular training is encouraged for our craftsmen and experts to keep their skills up to speed with the newest technology and advances in the industry. This guarantees that the business may continue to provide the qualities of a product supplied by the corporation.